Communication Skillbuilding Training Kit

Personality Lingo Communication Skillbuilding Training Kit

Enhance interactions, reduce miscommunication, and preserve self-esteem

Think of the people you interact with throughout your day… do you find that some are a pleasure to communicate with while others can be a pain? Learn to recognize the intention behind the behaviors you find annoying. You just might realize that you are all aiming for the same goal, you are just going about it in different ways.

What's in this Communication Skillbuilding Training Kit?

Facilitation Guide

149 Pages (PDF format)
You get 149 pages of information on how to facilitate your communication skill-building workshop in PDF format arranged to correspond with the slideshow presentation and participant handouts.
The guide is presented in an easy-to-follow format which includes suggested scripting for activity instructions, transitions, and debriefs.

Teach participants how to rapidly identify potential communication challenges and practice strategies for exploring more resourceful responses. 

In-depth analysis of five communication challenge case studies.
Personality Lingo Communication Skill Building Facilitation Guide
Personality Lingo Communication Skill Building Slideshow

Slideshow Presentation

40 Slides (.pptx format)
Keeps you organized and on track while you facilitate the activities corresponding to each of the five Personality Lingo® Keys to Communication (1- Identify; 2- Clarify; 3- Modify; 4- Verify; 5- Apply).

The fully animated colorful slideshow includes references to letter codes and colors alongside the Personality Lingo® descriptor terms allowing you to easily connect temperament concepts to the advanced application of workplace communication.

Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.

Participant Handouts

32 Pages (PDF format)

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Enhancing Workplace Communication

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