Connector Communication Style

Personal and Interactive
Familiarity with the communication approaches and preferences of the personality styles helps you to form a more deliberate response to life circumstances and become more effective at conveying your message to others.

Health and Wellness fused with Temperament Theory

Mary had been teaching courses on workplace communication and stress management for over a decade when she met a man named Don Lowry. Educator and playwright, Don had studied under David Keirsey. Don and Mary shared a passion for teaching through interactive edutainment and they became lifelong friends. Mary intuitively fused knowledge of the four fundamental temperaments into her workplace communication and stress management courses. It was as if she had found the missing element that helped people to walk their own path in life with greater confidence and happiness. In 2001 Mary published the book, “Showing Our True Colors”, helping Don reach a larger audience and contributing her findings for how to apply personality concepts to improving communication and reducing stress.
In 2014, with overwhelming support from colleagues, Mary and Ed decided to bring together their combined wisdom from years of observations using easy to comprehend terminology, so that talking about temperament doesn’t feel like you are learning a new language. It made sense to call their system “Personality Lingo.” Mary’s book was revised and published under the title “Personality Lingo” and an entirely new personality system business model was born – one that lets the audience be the experts and supports the creative freedoms of trainers, empowering them to bring temperament concepts to the leading edge of thought in their own unique ways using a standardized language.

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