Are you making these costly communication mistakes?

Have you ever tried to communicate with someone and what they heard what not what you meant? In an ideal world, we would receive the intended message being conveyed, recognizing the positive intention.

Are you making these costly communication mistakes?
It is important to notice if others appreciate your approach to communication or if they are taking it the wrong way. Continuing to communicate in a habitual way, even when you are offending others, can jeopardize your relationships and your reputation.

Some of the costly communication mistakes each of the styles makes includes:

Connector Communication Style

Indirect and excessive sharing

Connectors tend to be indirect in communication, dropping hints that others don’t always pick up on.
They also prefer to warm up to a topic rather than getting straight to the point.
Planner Communication Style

Close-minded to change

Planners respect hierarchy, preferring to follow rules and stick to what has worked in the past.
They pepper their conversations with “should”, “must” and “have to” as well as “right” and “wrong”.
Thinker Communication Style

Skips the small talk

Thinkers often bypass personal connection and go straight for the data, which can feel like interrogation.
They wish others would maintain their composure, offer objective feedback, and consider the big picture.
Mover Communication Style

Tells it like it is or even better

Movers speak from the gut – they can be very physical – hitting a high five or pushing for extra emphasis.
They are prone to exaggerate and speak with a forceful intensity that others may mistake for aggression.

These habits are not actually "bad" in and of themselves. They can be highly effective when used in appropriate situations with others who appreciate this way of communicating.

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