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Personality Lingo Basic Training

Bring your personality expertise to the next level

Whether you are new to personality training or were introduced through another system, you will find the concepts in this personality training kit engaging, relatable, and memorable. The Personality Lingo® Basic Training Kit is packed full of information you must know for delivering life-changing personality presentations. Learn how to facilitate powerful training methodologies to engage with your audience at a deeper level. Your participants will have fun learning and you will have fun teaching this fundamental awareness course.

What's in this Personality Lingo® Basic Training Kit?

Facilitation Guide

154 Pages (PDF format)
You get 154 pages of information on how to facilitate your foundational personality awareness workshop in PDF format arranged to correspond with the slideshow presentation and participant handouts. The guide is presented in an easy-to-follow format which includes suggested scripting for activity instructions, transitions, and debriefs.
Participants learn to recognize the personality patterns in themselves and others. The Personality Lingo 3-Step Personality Identification Method provides multiple opportunities for them to identify with the traits of their most dominant style.
Includes tips for fielding difficult questions from participants and logistics resources to help ensure a successful event.
Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit Slideshow

Slideshow Presentation

40 Slides (.pptx format)
Keeps you organized and on track while you take your audience on a journey of discovery through the magic of stories and interactive activities. Participants experience “aha moments” as they begin to understand why they click with some people and clash with others. They bond with a small group of their peers having shared values and gain validation for their way of doing things.
The fully animated colorful slideshow includes references to letter codes and colors alongside the Personality Lingo® descriptor terms allowing you to easily relate them to any previous knowledge from other temperament systems.
Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.

Participant Handouts

12 Pages (PDF format)
Each personality profile handout includes insights into how that style interacts, approaches life, contributes to a team, and the internal compass that guides them.
Print and distribute the handouts to your participants for the rest of your career without ever having to pay a reoccurring fee. You even get permission to email the handouts directly to participants or allow private downloads from a password protected webpage.
Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.
Personality Lingo Basic Training Kit Handouts

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Personality Lingo® Basic Training Kit

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