Navigating Stress Training Kit

Navigating Stress Personality Stress Management Training Kit

Better anticipate and navigate stress by understanding the core values that drive you

Ever noticed how situations that are stressful to one personal may be exciting or motivating to another? Individuals with different personality styles value different things. Stress often results from a perceived values violation. You may feel blocked if the situation is going in one direction, but you value a different direction. Transform hostile defensive attitudes into non-assuming curiosity by reflecting on and affirming each individual’s personal values.

What's in this Personality Lingo® Navigating Stress Training Kit?

Facilitation Guide

116 Pages (PDF format)
You get 116 pages of information on how to facilitate your managing stress with personality workshop in PDF format arranged to correspond with the slideshow presentation and participant handouts.
The guide is presented in an easy-to-follow format which includes suggested scripting for activity instructions, transitions, and debriefs.
When participants learn to see interactions in terms of competing needs and values, they find themselves readily directing experiences towards a more positive outcome.
The appendix to the guide contains summary tables of the Temperament and Stress Survey findings.
Personality Lingo Communication Skill Building Facilitation Guide
Personality Lingo Navigating Stress Training Kit Slideshow

Slideshow Presentation

44 Slides (.pptx format)
Keeps you organized and your audience on track to investigate stress as a values violation, recognize personality stress patterns, explore thier dominant stress style as a group, and learn from the other style grups.
The fully animated colorful slideshow includes references to letter codes and colors alongside the Personality Lingo® descriptor terms allowing you to easily connect temperament concepts to the advanced application of stress management.
Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.

Participant Handouts

12 Pages (PDF format)
Each handout includes common stressors, signs of stress, what hinders and what helps for that stress style.
Print and distribute the handouts to your participants for the rest of your career without ever having to pay a reoccurring fee. You even get permission to email the handouts directly to participants or allow private downloads from a password protected webpage.
Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.

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Taking a Novel Approach to Stress Management

Navigating Stress Training Kit

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