Personality Lingo Training Material


Personality Styles

Gain an essential awareness of traits and core values to improve interactions and lay a solid foundation upon which to build. Awaken your sense of self and promote empathy for others.

Communication Styles

Break down barriers to communication, reduce frustration and preserve self-esteem. Increase team productivity by recognizing and honoring diverse approaches to communication.

Stress Styles

Situations that are stressful to one person may be exciting or motivating to another. Leverage clear patterns in human behavior to navigate life with less conflict and more energy.

Supplemental Resources

Personality Lingo Book

Personality Lingo is playfully illustrated with an easy-going writing style. You will find humorous cartoons, lighthearted anecdotes, and convenient reference lists.

Personality Cards

These 4″ by 6″ full-color glossy personality cards provide a fun easy way for your participants to self-assess without having to take a formal personality assessment.


These comprehensive e-Reports provide much of the same information as the book. You get all the reference lists and more without the contextual stories.

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