Personality Test Mini Training Toolkit

Personality Lingo Personality Test Mini Training Toolkit

Improve interactions with a fundamental awareness of personality styles

Looking for a fun, engaging and impactful training program to introduce the four personality styles to your participants? Participants gain immediately useful insights into themselves and those they interact with. In a work culture that honors differences, employees contribute in a way that not only supports the organization but energizes them as well. It all starts with understanding the natural strengths of each personality style.

What's in this personality styles mini training toolkit?

Personality Test

1 Page (PDF format)
This test is the same FUN five-question personality test that you can take online for free. It allows you to rank your choices from the most like you to least like you. Scoring this way provides you with your entire personality style line-up, not just your top style.
Whether you are a seasoned trainer or new to personality concepts, you know how important it is to have this powerful tool at your fingertips!
You have finally found the perfect printable Personality Test to use in your training sessions!
Personality Test Mini Kit - test sheet

Response Key

1 Page (PDF format)
This score sheet contains concise directions for tallying up test responses. It comes on its own page so you can keep the test taking and scoring separate. This convenient sheet provides an easy way for participants to view their Personality Line-Up at a glance.
Participants can easily tally up their responses to the test and discover their Personality Line-Up. 
Each style is given a numerical value so one can easily rank and view their Top, Second, Third, and Last personality style.


4 Pages (PDF format)
Yes, you can believe your eyes! You don’t have to worry about being certified or paying a reoccurring fee to use these Personality Style handouts in your training sessions. Invest once and your done!
Each handout includes traits, needs, and tips for relating to that personality style.
When rank-ordered, these handouts provide participants with an overall view of their personality line-up.

Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.

Personality Test Mini Kit Slideshow

Mini Slideshow

5 Slides (.pptx format)
This mini slideshow offers a brief description of each personality style. Perfect for virtual or in-person training sessions.
Combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own custom material.

Facilitation Instructions

11 Pages (PDF format)
The Personality Test Mini Training Kit comes with a 90-minute training outline and easy-to-follow instructions for facilitating a dominant style group activity using test results.
Participants explore the preferences and strengths of their most dominant personality style as a cohesive group. Then, each group shares their findings, providing the broader audience with useful insights on each style.
This “audience-as-experts” teaching method engages the participants, increases their desire to learn, and deepens subject retention.
Personality Test Mini Kit Instructions

Personality Test Mini Training Toolkit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Quick Guide to Understanding the Personality Test Mini Training Toolkit

When participants rank order their responses to this five-question personality test, it provides twenty data points for determining their personality style lineup.
Yes, you may combine the unaltered handouts and slides with your own material. You get a modifiable .pptx file so you may add or delete slides to create a custom presentation tailored to your unique audience.
Yes, if you want to upgrade your license option or upgrade to the comprehensive Basic Training Kit simply email us and we will send you a coupon code to recover the cost of the previous license upon checkout.
The best way to collect responses from your participants in advance is to (1) have them take the assessment, (2) have them read the handouts or online personality style profiles, then (3) use a simple web form to have them self-report which dominant style group they would like to join during the session.

You may email the PDF of the personality test directly to your participants or allow downloads from a password protected webpage. (Do not post publicly.) You can also have them take the free online personality test.

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