Unique as a Fingerprint

Did you know that each unique fingerprint comes from a combination of only three basic patterns? Similarly, your overall personality is a unique combination of four fundamental personality styles.

Unique as a fingerprint
Sometimes when people first learn about their personality they are surprised (if not downright skeptical) that there are only four basic styles. How is it possible to distill the endless variety of traits and characteristics a person could have into four basic styles? Since there are billions of people, it stands to reason that there are probably billions of variations in personalities, right?
Absolutely! We are all unique and different, each of us remarkably individual – just like our fingerprints! Our fingerprints are so unique in fact, they are used to confirm our identification. No two fingerprints have ever been found to be exactly alike. Even those of identical twins are different.
Interestingly, an expert can look at a fingerprint and identify three basic patterns: loops, arches, and whorls. Every fingerprint, as unique and special as it is, can be characterized as having a combination of only three basic patterns (and I thought four personality styles was incredible)! The proportion of these characteristics and how the patterns are arranged provides you with your unique “print”.
unique combination of basic patterns
Similarly, people are a blend of characteristics from all four of the basic personality styles mixed in a variety of ways to form endless combinations. The style that is most abundant for you is said to be your dominant personality style.
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