Your Personality Under Stress

Have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation and noticed that others seemed to be oblivious to your frustrations? When our values are not being met, we can feel blocked and unsure of how to proceed.

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Although there are some commonalities in the stressors we all experience, it is the differences that can be the most confusing and exasperating. We all have different things we value, and when the people in our lives are not operating in the same mode as we are, or circumstances are not cooperating with our plans, there can be a mismatch of priorities, conflicting approaches, and STRESS!

Some of the ways each of the personality styles stress include:

Connector Stress Style

Overextend themselves helping others

Connectors derive happiness from helping others but may overlook their own well-being and put their own needs last.
Relationships or environments where there is constant conflict or negativity can become overwhelming.
Planner Stress Style

Overly rigid trying to regain control

Planners seek to maintain a certain equilibrium. To little or too much responsibility can cause them stress.
They may worry about things they have no control over and get compulsive about the things they can control.
Thinker Stress Style

Radical self-sufficiency

On a never-ending quest for competency and autonomy, Thinkers stress by having limitations imposed by others.
As natural non-conformists, they don’t like being told what to do and will rebel against social norms or protocols.
Mover Stress Style

Prioritize adventure above all else

Movers enjoy operating on a rush of adrenaline. The boredom of not being part of the action is like a slow death.
Quick thinking and demand for action can get you ahead of yourself as you find ways to constantly stay on the edge.

Being able to recognize when we or someone we know is stressed can be the first step towards turning it around. Tapping into your own natural preferences and personality strengths in positive and resourceful ways is key to living a happier life.

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