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The writings of the philosopher Avicenna included a concept of the human mind as a mirror which starts out rusty and becomes clearer as learning and inquiry direct it towards the light. Carl Jung’s psychological type theory is a doorway to increased awareness, it is up to you to open the door and walk through it.

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A typical classroom includes students who follow instructions well, those who have trouble sitting still in their chairs, some who seem more interested in social interaction than learning, and others who are good problem solvers. Each of these students has their own needs, values, perspectives, motivations, and ways of operating. Recognizing and understanding personality patterns can help you form more realistic expectations of student behavior and strengthen the teacher-student relationship.

Personality Resources for Teachers

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Our different needs, values, and ways of operating often create natural barriers to interpersonal communication. We get frustrated when we perceive that our values are not being met. Bridge gaps in communication by understanding other ways of operating. Recognizing behavior patterns in ourselves and others helps us foster respect and compassion. It is possible to find ways to have our needs met without compromising the values of others.

Personality Resources for Parents

Personality Resources for Students

Our personality influences the way we see the world and how we interact with others. When we perceive external events as going against our core values and/or we are unable to express our natural traits we feel drained. When circumstances appear to be in alignment with our core values and we have opportunities to express our natural traits we feel energized. Learn to tap into your inborn strengths to lead you in the direction to feel the most alive, on path, and motivated throughout life.

Personality Resources for Students