Information Gathering


describes a concrete way of gathering information, using the five (5) senses.

Hands-On good at building, maintaining, and operating things

A person who favors hands-on gathering of information using their five senses likes to put pieces together one step at a time and “get their hands dirty”. They trust only what they can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. They tend to focus on “what is” right now in the present moment.


describes an abstract, intuitive way of gathering information, using insights and patterns.

Theoretical good at developing insights into creative designs

A person who favors theoretical gathering of information by means of insights likes to put pieces together from all directions at once and use their imagination. They see patterns and possibilities everywhere. They tend to direct their attention towards “what could be” in the future.

General Orientation

Extraversion/ Introversion

Modes of Operation

Planned/ Spontaneous

Information Gathering

Hands-On/ Theoretical

Making Decisions

Objective/ Subjective